Here are some F.A.Qs. regarding the warranty on our Putco Blade products:

Does cutting the 4-pin plug void the warranty?
Some specific Year Make and Models require the 4-pin plug to be removed during installation, But we do not advise to hardwire our Blades unless recommended by OUR installation instructions.  We would recommend using a Plug&Play harness to keep your warranty intact on both the product and your vehicle!
Note: improper installation, alterations, and extensions to the wring between the driver and the light bar will VOID the warranty. 

Dead/Stuck LEDs.
All of our Putco Blades are manufactured with up to 2,000+ High Power COB LED’s (60” inch versions) In some rare cases these light bars may have what appears to be a single dead chip that is noticeable at a very close distance, please note that these may go away with regular use of the light bar, only light bars that have multiple “dead/stuck” chips are covered under warranty.

Installation clips.
If you are transferring your Blade from your old vehicle to a new one and need to get new installation clips, you can purchase these >>HERE<<.

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