Metal LED 360 Reverse

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High Power LED Back-Up LED rated at 2000LM per pair.  
 • 6000k Color Temperature.
 • 1000 Lumens per bulb - 2000 per kit.
 • Emits light in a full 360° Pattern.
 • Digital polarity - ( Reversible contact points).
 • Error-free performance. No warning lights.
 • Unrivaled plug and play performance.
 • Sold as pairs.
 • Solid-state heat sink.

SKU Name Price
350921W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 350921W-360 $125.89
351156W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 351156W-360 $125.89
351157W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 351157W-360 $125.89
353156W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 353156W-360 $125.89
353157W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 353157W-360 $125.89
357440W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 357440W-360 $125.89
357443W-360 Metal LED 360 Reverse - 357443W-360 $125.89
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