Standard Wire Harness

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  • Heavy duty wiring harness and plugs
  • Connection plug is made of hard insulated plastic
  • 16 Gauge wiring.
  • Headlight / Foglight (Bulb type specific harnesses).
  • Designed to heat proof temperatures more than 480 degrees Fahrenheit for added protection when used with high wattage bulbs.
  • Easy to replace original connected plugs
  • Made with the highest grade material
  • 1 Year Warranty.

- These harnesses do not include any extra wiring for turn signals or parking lights.

SKU Name Price
230880HD Standard Wire Harness - 881 $8.99
239005HD Standard Wire Harness - 9005 $7.99
239006HD Standard Wire Harness - 9006 / 9012 $7.99
239004HD Standard Wire Harness - 9007 $7.99
239003HD Standard Wire Harness - H4 $4.99
230007HD Standard Wire Harness - H7 $9.99
230009HW Standard Wire Harness - H9 $9.99
230008HD Standard Wire Harness - H11 $9.99
239008HD Standard Wire Harness - H13 / 9008 $13.99
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