GM Diamond Donuts

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  • Made of solid CNC Billet Aluminum these handy Diamond Donut adapters makes it quick and easy to install a set of side rails into a toolbox.
  • Just drill a carefully measured hole in the toolbox, mount the adapter with gasket on the toolbox and attach your side rail.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Available in Chrome or Black.
  • Putco's Lifetime NeveRust Warranty.
  • All installation hardware and instructions included.
  • Sizes available to accommodate 1.75", 1.9" and 2.0" diameter rails.
SKU Name Price
820175BGM GM Diamond Donuts - 1.75" - Black $70.99
820175GM GM Diamond Donuts - 1.75" - Chrome $83.99
820190BGM GM Diamond Donuts - 1.90" - Black $70.99
820190GM GM Diamond Donuts - 1.90" - Chrome $70.99
820200BGM GM Diamond Donuts - 2.00" - Black $70.99
820200GM GM Diamond Donuts - 2.00" - Chrome $70.99
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