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2019 GMC Blade 60” stopped working after 3.5 months

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    2019 GMC Blade 60” stopped working after 3.5 months

    I purchased a 60” Blade from my dealership for my 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4. It also uses the plug n play harness.

    It was working flawlessly when I installed it December 10. Yesterday when my wife drove my truck, I noticed it is no longer working at all.

    This morning I verified all wire harness connections, and it still does not work.

    I need assistance troubleshooting.

    Hello thsoccer3,

    Please double check your fuse (it should be attached to your ground/Black wire), also since you still have the 4-pin connector. Try by-passing it and testing the lightbar to a different truck equipped with a 4-pin connector. Just to double-check if its the harness or lightbar that is not working.

    If you need more troubleshooting ideas please email and have a copy of your proof of purchase handy just in case we need to replace something under warranty.


      I sent requested proof of purchase a week ago. I have tested the harness on another truck with 4 pin connection and have the same results as my truck:

      The blade no longer works with running lights.
      The blade does not work when a blinker is activated.
      The blade flashes red like a blinker when brakes are applied.
      The blade does work like normal when shifted and driving in reverse but begins to flash white like a blinker when the brake is applied in reverse.

      Please advise on a path forward.

      If possible, it is much easier to communicate through email than this forum at, or by phone 985-688-5599.