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    BLADE F.A.Q.s

    Please let us know any questions that you may have!

    Simply wondering about a "fix" or other workaround to get both the 2019/20 Ram's OEM turn signal lights to flash in sync w/ the Blade AND have the Blade's brake lights to work as well. Also refer to Ram 2019+ Fitment post:

    As SpeedyV notes, most Ram owners prefer the Putco Blades (60" or dual 18") over the other taillight bars. That includes me as I absolutely LOVE my 60" Blade's features, light output and warranty, even though I opted for the wiring installation that results in the Blade's amber LEDs being in sync with the Ram's amber taillights, BUT sadlyat the loss of the Blade's brake light feature.

    I applaud Putco for developing such a great taillight and I'm confident that Putco's Designers and Engineers will be able to develop an adapter or module or harness, SOMETHING, that results in all (5) of the Blades' features to work perfectly. This will be MUCH appreciated, and not only for the MANY existing Ram and Putco Blade owners but also for the many more future Ram and Putco Blade owners.

    Thank you Putco for (hopefully) listening and understanding our collective desire for an even better/superior product!