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LUMINIX FORD LED EMBLEM - VERY BRIGHT (Is it possible to dim it down?)

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    LUMINIX FORD LED EMBLEM - VERY BRIGHT (Is it possible to dim it down?)

    2018 F-250 Super Duty
    I installed the rear light up LED emblem. I have it tied into the license plate power wire and frame grounded.
    Looks great but.... it is too bright. At night when in reverse the rear camera shows everything with a red hue since the
    emblem is so bright. Almost cant use it

    How can i dim down this emblem? Can i add something to the power wire, what do you recommend?

    Hello nmeess512,

    I had a customer asked me to do the same thing for the Front LED Ford emblem, here is what we had to do;
    Get a 8omh 20W resistor and wire it in-line with the power wire... (make sure to secure it away from the wires as they do get hot) this will dim it enough to be visible but not too bright.

    I would recommend having a professional do it if you have not wired resistors before.

    Good luck, these emblems look sick!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FordLogo.JPG Views:	0 Size:	33.0 KB ID:	381
    Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of the before vs after, but it was about 30% to 40% less light.
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      If i wanted it super dimmed down, what resistor rating recommended?


        That is as low as we were able to... that resistor will dim it down to a soft glow, I doubt you will have any Red hue reflecting on the ground.
        If you do it may be your tail-lamps? (when you are stepping on the brake or your running lamps).

        Putco does offer non-lighted Ford Emblems, CNCd out of aluminum, maybe this is your best route? - Very good looking too!

        I hope this helps!


          If i installed a 10 watt 8 ohm resistor in-line, what would the effect be?


            We did not personally test that resistor. But you don't want to go too low where you are compromising the life of the LED or potentially blowing a fuse in your vehicle. Be aware I am sure this may void the warranty on the product, so keep that in mind.