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 • New innovative COB LED, a miniaturized driver, and the #1 thermal solution available.
 • Intelligent LED headlight bulb with Putco's patented flexible heat sink made from aluminum for temperature control and ease of installation.
 • With IP65 rating for water resistance and a solid state design, failure rate is minimal versus other value-priced options.
 • Lumens 1,500 per bulb (3,000 per kit).
 • A better bulb at a better price for the value-oriented consumer.
 • 1 Year Warranty.

   Anti-flicker harnesses are recommended for vehicles equipped with bulb-out indicators or canbus systems (sold separately). 

SKU Name Price
F1-9004 F1 LED Kit - F1-9004 $125.00
F1-9005 F1 LED Kit - F1-9005 $110.00
F1-9006 F1 LED Kit - F1-9006 $110.00
F1-9007 F1 LED Kit - F1-9007 $125.00
F1-9012 F1 LED Kit - F1-9012 $110.00
F1-H4 F1 LED Kit - F1-H4 $125.00
F1-H7 F1 LED Kit - F1-H7 $110.00
F1-H10 F1 LED Kit - F1-H10 $110.00
F1-H11 F1 LED Kit - F1-H11 $110.00
F1-H13 F1 LED Kit - F1-H13 $125.00
F1-H16 F1 LED Kit - F1-H16 $110.00
F1-P13 F1 LED Kit - F1-P13 $110.00
F1-PSX24 F1 LED Kit - F1-PSX24 $110.00
F1-PSX26 F1 LED Kit - F1-PSX26 $110.00
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