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What is Putco's product warranty?

Putco warranties are only vaild for the original owner of the product.

  • Stainless Steel products have a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship, only.
  • Painted surfaces have a 90 day warranty.
  • Chrome Plated products have a one (1) year limited warranty.
  • Lighting products (except Luminix) have a one (1) year limited warranty.
  • Luminix LED Light Bars* and Luminix accessories have a two (2) year limited warranty.

Putco’s warranty specifically excludes defects resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification, improper installation, unauthorized repairs, submersion, theft, vehicle crash, or by any other type of impact.

​*Luminix LED Light Bars covered under the warranty must be sent in to Putco. Putco will cover shipping both ways. Putco has the sole descretion on whether to repair or replace the light bar. Putco is the ONLY company in the industry offering a repairable light bar!


Do I need a wiring harness for my halogen headlights?

We strongly recommend them to enhance the brightness of your new bulb while protecting your OEM wiring.

Why does the bulb from that application guide not fit my vehicle?

Our guide is designed for use as a general application look up. We recommend checking your vehicle's owner manual or the factory bulb itself to verify that you are getting the correct bulb. 

Do I need a resistor for my LEDs?

Yes, we recommend resistors for all exterior applications to prevent hyper flashing or error codes from appearing on the dashboard.

How well does the 3M™ tape hold? Will it withstand the extremes of weather?

The 3M™ tape is an all-weather tape designed specifically for automotive use. It holds up to heat, cold, water, and other weather factors extrememly well.

"For over 40 years 3M's automotive attachment tape scientists have kept pace with the ever-changing automotive industry and its wide array of surfaces. The unique construction and relaxation qualities of 3M's automotive attachment tapes provide the automotive industry with some of the strongest and most reliable attachment tapes on the market today." -

I am having issues with installation. Where can I find instructions or get technical support?

Please visit our Instructions page to download and print instructions for your Putco product.

To request technical assistance, please email

I want to sell Putco products at my store - how do I become a dealer?

Please begin the application process by filling out this form. A Putco representative will contact you when we receive your application.

I need high-resolution images of Putco's products for my company website. Where are these available?

Follow our DEALER SERVICES tab to use our Media Library where you can access thousands of Putco product images and documentation. If you do not already have access, please contact the site administrator.

I have an idea for a new product that I think Putco should make.

We welcome all ideas as we try to satisfy our customers' desires. Please contact our Support Team with product ideas. We understand the time and thought behind your ideas and we thank you for sharing them with us.

I found a dead link on Putco's website and I want to report it.

Please contact the site administrator with the following information: URL of the dead link and the URL of the page containing the link. Thank you for helping us make our site even better!

What is the difference between products that are described as "deluxe" and products that are not?
  1. If a door handle kit is described as "deluxe", the kit will include a piece that fits behind the door handle.
  2. If it is a mirror cover set described as "deluxe", the set is for a full mirror cover. Mirror cover sets not desribed as "deluxe" will be a tape on, upper half mirror cover.
How far up on my vehicle do I install the rocker panels?

There is no set distance but we recommend installing all rocker panels at least one (1) inch from the bottom.

I purchased locker side rails but my factory bed caps cover the stake pocket holes. What should I do?

Some vehicles have the option of a removable cap for access to the stake pocket hole, however, some vehicles have a solid bed cap and will require you to cut out the stake pocket hole opening.